Friday, September 1, 2017

Rise in Closed Door Bloomington City Council Meetings

State's Attorney Jason Chambers filed a motion earlier this week that involves a City Council meeting back in February when the Bloomington City Council went into closed session to discuss the 30 year old metro zone tax-sharing agreement the city had with Normal. The city then voted to end that agreement. The State's Attorney felt that discussion should have been made public, and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan agreed, ordering Bloomington to release the audio. The city has filed an appeal. WEEK TV reports Chambers countered in his motion, saying he needs to know what is in the audio so he can properly represent himself in his side of the appeal. There has been an increase in business being conducted in private. In 2009 Bloomington city council held 3 closed door meetings.That number jumped to 25 in 2012, and 50 last year. And so far this year they've held 33 closed sessions through August 1st.

Source: WEEK TV

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