Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Indicted Former Bloomington Coliseum Leaders Sue For Unpaid Fees

The indicted former managers of Bloomington's city-owned coliseum are suing, to get money they say they're owed. Local prosecutors indicted five former managers back in September for stealing at least a million dollars. Yesterday the former managers sued for 67 thousand-dollars they say they're still owed for suites and sponsorships at the coliseum.

Governor Rauner: No Guarantee Illinois Will Get Another State Budget

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is telling investors that there is no guarantee the state will get a new budget anytime soon. The governor included a line in this month's offer to bond buyers that the state's fiscal future is anything but certain. The presentation said there can 'be no assurances' that a budget will be enacted in future fiscal years.

McLean Co Taxes Remain Steady

The tax rate in McLean County is expected to stay the same, after a last minute adjustment. That means homeowners shouldn't see a property tax hike from the county next year. Originally, the board was considering a slight increase. Instead, the county will dip into reserve money to make up the difference. The board also approved its $95 million budget for 2018.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ten-Pound Rock Tossed Onto Vehicle from I-55 Overpass Near Atlanta, IL

The Illinois State Police are investigating after a bowling ball sized rock was thrown at a vehicle from an overpass early Monday. The motorist's vehicle suffered major damage after the 10 pound rock passed through the roof of the vehicle in the northbound lanes of Interstate 55 near mile post 140 in Logan County, just outside Atlanta, Ill.  The rock barely missed the driver and passenger.  The state police are asking for anyone with information on this incident to cal (217) 786-6677.

Bloomington City Council Roundup

The Bloomington City Council is looking at ways to increase its efficiency and productivity. At Monday's Committee of the Whole Meeting, Alderman David Sage backed away from his original proposal, to limit the mayor's power to put items on the council agenda. Instead, Sage said he wants to hear ideas from the rest of the council about how to best stick to a specific plan of action that has support from the majority, how to handle amendments to the plan with majority council support, and the how to make sure that council decisions stand.

Normal City Council Roundup

The Normal City Council approved a new comprehensive plan which lays out the town's highest priorities for development through 2040, officials will track progress with specific metrics, perhaps in an annual report. According to Town Planner Mercy Davison, there are more than 30 metrics that are very specific to things like, 'How walkable is the neighborhood?' 'How transit-friendly is it?' and 'What kind of housing diversity do you have?' ... so the council can actually measure with some real numbers

Illinois To Remain In Voter Crosscheck System

Illinois is sticking with the voter crosscheck system, despite questions about security, and concerns about politics. The Illinois State Board of Elections yesterday approved a plan to stay in the multi-state voter information database as a way to get a more complete picture of who is registered to vote in all of Illinois' neighboring states. Advocates, and a few Democratic state lawmakers, say voter crosscheck is vulnerable to hackers, and they fear it may also be used for political purposes to keep voters away from the polls.