Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rauner Makes World Series Bet With Ohio Governor

Governor Rauner is making a bet with his counterpart in Ohio leading up to the World Series.  Standing in front of Wrigley Field yesterday with Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts, Rauner offered to deliver deep dish pizza and Chicago-brewed beer to Governor John Kasich [[ KAY-sick ]] if the Cleveland Indians beat the Cubs in the Fall Classic.  Kasich countered, saying he will send Rauner fan favorites from Cleveland if Chicago wins.  Game One of the World Series is tonight at Progressive Field.  

Bloomington City Council Votes on Sewers and TIFF District

Bloomington City Council approves $1.7 million dollars worth of sewer work and a new TIF district. The $1.7 million dollars will help the city take a more proactive approach to sewer maintenance. Council also approved a new TIF district Monday night. Those areas give economic incentives to developers. The district covers a little over two city blocks where buildings, like the old Front N' Center, are vacant and falling apart. Alderman Kevin Lower voted against the district saying he doesn't  view the government as the driving force behind any of this. Lower says the council is acting reactionary, rather than being pro-development. The city is hoping the TIF district will help revitalize the vacant area.

Fruin to Retire

A long-time member of Bloomington City Council is retiring. Ninth Ward Alderman Jim Fruin says he's done, when his term term ends in April. Fruin has served the city for the last 24 years, including the last 10 as a council member for Ward 9. He says it's time for a fresh perspective on the council, and he's ready to focus on his second career and family

Monday, October 24, 2016

Historic World Series Won't Be Cheap For Cub Fans

You're going to need thousands of dollars if you want to watch the Chicago Cubs in the World Series at Wrigley Field. Tickets for the Cubs' first series in 71-years are already fetching top dollar. "The Chicago Tribune" reports the average ticket price for a World Series game at Wrigley is over six-thousand dollars each. Games in Cleveland are about three-thousand dollars a piece.

11-Hundred State Employees Getting Bonuses

Just over a thousand state workers are getting a little something extra for a job very well done. Governor Rauner's office says they're awarding eleven-hundred non-union state workers with one time bonus checks of about three-thousand dollars each. All of the workers who'll get a bonus make under 100-thousand dollars and are 'merit-comp' employees not covered by the state's union contracts.

Illinois Pumpkin Crop Looking Good

If Illinois' pumpkins are looking good, chances are everyone else's pumpkins are looking good too. Illinois grows about 90-percent of the pumpkins sold across the country. And farmers say this year's pumpkin crop looks good. They say the right mix of rain and heat has paid over with a bevy of beautiful orange gourds.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Illinois State Board Of Elections: Election Is Not Rigged

The Illinois State Board of Elections is assuring voters the November election is not rigged. The State Board issued an open letter yesterday, trying to roll back claims that somehow the fix is in. The letter explains how the state handles election day, tests voting machines, and guards against any kind of hack. The State Board suggests anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the state's elections should volunteer to be a poll watcher.