Friday, May 26, 2017

BPD: Man in Custody for Stabbing Death at a West Side Hotel

Bloomington Police say they have a suspect in custody for what they're now calling a murder at a west side hotel. Officers yesterday arrested Kyle Brestan for the murder of Shannon Hastings. Police originally called her death 'suspicious' but n
ow say she was stabbed to death.

Chicago's Population Shrinks for Third Straight Year

The moving trucks continue to leave Chicago. The latest census report released yesterday shows Chicago shrank for the third straight year. The report says just over eight thousand people left the city. Chicago was the only top 20 city in America to once again lose people.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

VIDEO: Tiritilli Will Not Seek Recount in Normal Mayor's Race

In a press conference heard live on Cities 92.9 Tuesday, Mayoral challenge Marc Tiritilli announced he will no longer seek a full recount. Tiritilli cited money, the affect it would on the community and the numeric likelihood that 12 more voted could be captured appeared to be getting small.

Watch the Facebook Live recording of the entire press conference here:

BHS to Get $8M in Upgrades

Over the next year, Bloomington High School will see $8 million in facility upgrades. The District 87 School Board unanimously approved a bond sale last night that will cover infrastructure improvements like a new HVAC system. An artifcial turf will be installed on the football field, turning it into a multi-use field. Soccer games and P.E. classes will be able to use it, without fear of wear and tear. The bonds will also pay for renovations to the fine arts classrooms. Choir and orchestra classes will move into larger, renovated spaces. An addition will also be built to the high school, in order to house its growing band program

Now, The House Looks at the State Budget

Lawmakers in the Illinois House say they're looking at the plan to raise nearly five-and-a-half billion-dollars in taxes. But no one is saying when, or if a vote may come. Democrats in the House yesterday said they're reviewing the plan that passed the Senate on Tuesday. Lawmakers are supposed to have a budget in less than a week

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Man Who Shot Himself on I-74 Identified

One man is dead after a police chase on interstate 74. Police say Paul Smith of Brimfield had been involved in a domestic situation in the Peoria area. He was wanted on at least 5 charges. Smith was said to be in possession of a gun and had taken off on I-74 toward Bloomington. A police officer from Deer Creek heard a description of the suspect's vehicle and saw him on the interstate. The chase ended between Carlock and the exit for Mitsubishi Motorway. Smith shot and killed himself after stopping.

Senate Dems Ram $5B in New Taxes Through

Republicans in the Illinois Senate say they don't want anything to do with five billion-dollars in new taxes. Democrats in the state's upper chamber approved the tax hikes yesterday. Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno said the tax increases do nothing to help families in the state, particularly when it comes to Illinois' property taxes. Democrats say the tax increases will 'stabilize' the state.