Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Historic Street in Bloomington Gets a Facelift

An historic street in Bloomington is getting a face lift. East Monroe Street is paved with bricks. Due to time and sewer construction, the road is full of concrete patchwork and potholes. On Monday, the city council decided to move forward with repaving the street with bricks, rather than asphalt. Estimated costs put the project between $300,000 and $500,000, but supporters say brick streets are built to last about 100 years, saving money in the long run

Repairs at College Ave in Normal to Take Longer

The tracks on College Avenue aren't finished. And may not be for another month. I-DOT yesterday said it could be the end of May before the high speed rail upgrades are finished. The tracks closed last October and the work was supposed to be done last week. Drivers will continue to have to detour out of Uptown and cut along East Willow on their way to Fort Jesse Road.

Bloomington City Council Votes City Mgr Hales Another Raise

City Manager David Hales is getting another raise. Bloomington's city council last night approved a nearly two-percent raise. Hales' salary alone will jump to over 188-thousand dollars a year. Outgoing alderman Kevin Lower was the only council member to vote 'No.'

Monday, April 24, 2017

Normal Mayor's Race Update: Tiritilli Raising Funds for Recount

Marc Tiritlli likely isn't done with campaign fundraising. The challenger in Normal's mayor's race says he doesn't have enough money to pay for a recount. Tiritilli is down just 11 votes. But he has less than two-thousand dollars in his campaign account. A recount will likely cost at least five-grand. Tiritilli says he's going to look for support to make sure all of the ballots get counted once again.

IL Lawmakers Return to Springfield to Work on a State Budget

Illinois lawmakers are returning to the statehouse this week with one very big item still on the to-do list. Lawmakers are supposed to have a budget in place by the end of May. But few people at the Capitol seem to think that will happen. Illinois hasn't had a budget in nearly two years, the latest effort to craft a spending plan is bogged down in the Illinois Senate.

Senator Duckworth's Town Hall at IWU

A couple of hundred people joined U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth was at Illinois Wesleyan University for a town hall meeting Sunday moderated by Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner to express some concerns about the current administration. Topics ranged from Amtrak funding to environmental issues and the affordable care act.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Schock's Lawyers Seek Dismissal of Charges

Aaron Schock's lawyers says Congressional rules about buying furniture are so vague they don't know if it's okay to buy a chandelier. And if the rules aren't clear, they say their client shouldn't be facing corruption charges. Schock's lawyers yesterday asked a federal judge to dismiss the case against the former Congressman. Prosecutors say Schock stole from taxpayers and lied on campaign and Congressional expense reports