Monday, May 1, 2017

Protestors Set to Rally: Make Bloomington a 'Welcoming Community.'

Bloomington may be on its way to being a sanctuary city in all but name only. Protestors are ready to rally in downtown later today, to push to make Bloomington a 'Welcoming Community.' Mayor Renner is expected to speak. Other cities that have adopted 'welcoming' resolutions say they're almost identical to the language of being a sanctuary city.

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  1. Guess Renner isn't happy with raising Bloomington's taxes and costs sky high. Now this ??? Wake up people, this will come with a huge cost. Tax payers nation wide pay over $55 billion a year supporting illegals. This will only burden US citizens even more in the county at a time when Mayors should be tightening their belts, not gourging themselves with our money.