Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rare Bird Coming to Miller Park Zoo

A new flamingo exhibit will be open to the public this Friday at Miller Park Zoo. 

Flamingos, who are a type of shorebird, or wader, are part of the Phoenicopteridae family. They are a very interesting and even peculiar bird, typically stand on one leg while tucking the other leg beneath the body as a way to conserve body heat. 

Miller Park Zoo have over 20 of the wading bird and are one of only 13 zoos across the country that have flamingos, with the closest one being in Cincinnati. 

Adults who wear pink on Friday will pay just $4.95 and kids age 3 to 12 pay just $3.95. In addition, free pink sno-cones will also be given out to celebrate the zoo's very first Flamingo Friday. 

Information provided by The Pantagraph

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