Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Video: Bloomington City Council Citizen Advisory Committee and Chief Heffner's Responses

The Bloomington City Council is considering whether or not to form a citizen advisory committee that would review suggestions about complaints against police. More than a dozen people spoke in favor of the Public Safety and Community Relations Board, saying it's an opportunity for the city to be proactive in building trust and relationships between police and the community Police Chief Brendan Heffner has said in the past he doesn't think the city needs a board, but he will respect the council's decision. Heffner told the council, "If something's wrong, we want it fixed. Because we know the bad shadow it puts on law enforcement in other agencies because obviously, we get blow back. So, if somebody's doing wrong, we want to address it." One topic that is still being debated is whether or not to allow a person convicted of a felony on the board. The council is scheduled to vote at its next meeting.

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