Friday, July 7, 2017

IL Budget Passage Aftermath

Illinois Republicans Promise 'Accountability' For Tax Hike Supporters 

It's going to be tough for ten Republican lawmakers to shake their new name: Madigan Republicans. Within hours of the vote to raise income taxes in Illinois by five billion-dollars, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider said he expected Republican voters to hold the ten Republicans who voted for the tax hike "accountable." Schneider says he is "extremely troubled" that the lawmakers chose Mike Madigan over the taxpayers of Illinois.

Lawmakers Flip Budget Votes 

Voters may want to double check to see how their lawmaker voted this time around. A handful of Republicans who voted for the tax increase and state budget last weekend voted 'No' yesterday. And a handful of Democrats who voted "No' last weekend, including the Quad Cities' Mike Halpin and Decatur's Sue Scherer, voted 'Yes.' Tax hike supporters didn't have a vote to spare to override the governor.

Person In Custody After Capitol Powder Attack 

 Illinois Capitol Police aren't saying if the woman they took into custody at the statehouse is the same person who threw white powder at Governor Rauner's office ahead of the tax increase override vote. Someone tossed powder at the governor's door, that forced an hour-and-a-half long lockdown at the statehouse. Haz-mat teams had to secure the building, lawmakers were locked in the House chamber or in their offices. Springfield Fire Department officials say the powder was harmless, though they aren't saying what it was.

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