Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CIRA: Soccer Teams Need to Find New Venue...Soon

Soccer players in Bloomington-Normal need to figure out a new place to play. Soon. That's the word from airport managers who say continuing the lease of field near the Central Illinois Regional Airport isn't a long term solution. A meeting yesterday went over the situation again. Normal City Manager Mark Peterson says supporters need to find more time. No one is guessing if voters in the twin cities will tolerate a 16-million dollar soccer complex.

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  1. As Zach said this morning on the Morning Buzz, there is a small portion of our cities who play (or are interested in) Soccer. So why is this a city(s) burden? If those interested in soccer come together, I'm sure they can find a suitable solution for much less than that $16 million price tag ... which money the cities could then use to, oh I don't know ... repair roads or something else just as frivolous.