Friday, November 18, 2016

State Workers Protest New Overtime Rules

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's office says state workers are now going to have to clock 40-hours in a week before they can get overtime. And state workers are furious. Hundreds of public workers across the state took to the streets yesterday for a 'Day of Action.' The move comes after Rauner's office ordered new overtime rules. The workers' now expired contract used to allow for overtime after just 37-and-a-half hours of work.


  1. State workers are not protesting the new overtime rules. If you'd have actually asked as much as one worker why they are protesting you'd know that we were protesting the fact that it's been over a year since we've had a contract because the governor refuses to negotiate with the union. You call yourself a reporter? Why don't you get your facts straight?

  2. Brave "Unknown"....We did and they are. The Labor Relations Board ruled an impasse---NOT an unwillingness to negotiate. Facts--not emotions. Good luck complaining about a 40 hr work week, merit pay for showing up only 95% of the time and paying higher health costs--like everyone else.