Monday, September 12, 2016

Unit 5 Bus Troubles Continue

Officials were scrambling to hire more bus drivers after 20 of their drivers called in "sick." However finding qualified drivers turned out to be easier said than done.

There was a mandatory eight-hour training class Saturday to become bus drivers in McLean County and instructors had originally prepared for more than 30 students...

...only a dozen showed up.

Terry Savage, a safety officer for the Mclean County Regional Office of Education, said there is a national shortage right now, and that because a lot of people don't view it as a career, it "doesn't attract the upwardly-mobile person."

This is a major issue for Unit 5 schools right now and officials say finding quality drivers is the main problem.  To try and remedy the situation, companies and school districts are looking to attract younger people in the industry, but those in it say it's more about personality and temperament.

One driver said it takes someone special, and "you've got to have patience and got to love the kids."

Information provided by WEEK HOI-19

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