Monday, September 26, 2016

Threat Of School Strike Looming Over Chicago

Teachers in the third-largest public school district have overwhelmingly voted in support of strike, though the earliest one could occur is mid-October.

The Chicago Teachers Union said Monday that 95 percent of its voting members favored strike authorization.

The support was expected as about 88 percent supported a strike during a similar December vote.

The union, which represents over 25,000 members needs 75 percent and 10 days of notice before a walkout.

The Chicago Teachers Union's governing body meets Wednesday to determine their next steps. If they decide to give notice, the first possible day of the strike would be Oct. 11. Cost-of-living raises, pension contributions and health care have been the key issues since the contract expired last year.

Teachers staged a one-day walk in April, and the last major strike was in 2012.

Information provided by the Associated Press

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