Friday, August 19, 2016

Overpacked School Buses Causing Problems For Unit 5

A video recorded this week showing an overcrowded bus has led to criticism of Unit 5. 

A Normal Community West Freshman captured footage of school buses that were packed beyond capacity. The student said there were three people to a seat, people standing in the aisle and bags everywhere. 

The buses even caused multiple students to be late for school and some weren't even allowed rides home. 

The mother of the student blames the district for cutting 20 buses and combining some high school and junior high bus routes to save money during the state budget deficit. While many are pointing fingers, it's difficult for school districts to provide the proper care when so many education costs have been cut. 

District officials apologized for the first week chaos. They plan to move some students to less-crowded buses while they figure out how many riders they actually have. 

The officials notified parents that it could take a couple weeks for them to work out the issue and come up with a solution. 

Information provided by WEEK HOI-19

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