Friday, August 26, 2016

Governor Signs Second Chance Law With Help From Decatur Woman

Some former felons in Illinois now have a second chance.

Governor Rauner yesterday signed a new law that ends Illinois' regulations that banned people with a criminal background from some state-licensed jobs. 

Decatur resident Lisa Creason found out a 23-year-old conviction meant she could never be a nurse. Her ambitions led to the new legislation allowing felons to petition the state for a health care worker license. 

After earning an associate degree at Richland Community College in 2014, Creason discovered she was prohibited from taking the Illinois exam to become an RN because of an attempted robbery conviction 20 years prior. 

Creason vocalized her dilemma and became part of a task force organized by Democratic state Rep. Camille Lilly of Chicago to change the law. 

The governor says Creason is just one of many ex-offenders who've turned their lives around and deserve a second chance. 

Information provided by the Associated Press and Springfield State Journal-Register

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