Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Black Lives Matter Group Marches to Peoria Police Department

On Sunday a Black Lives Matter group along with supporters marched from the riverfront to the Peoria Police Department.

There were approximately 100 non-violent protestors holding signs and saying they were using their voice to stop the deadly violence, especially with and against police officers.

Peoria Police Chief Jerry Mitchell said the protestors simply talked about the need for more dialogue with police officers, according to News 25. Mitchell said they didn't know the cops and that the police didn't know them.

He added that the city's residential cop program that allows police to live in certain neighborhoods helps to build relationships.

In an interview with News 25, Mitchell said, "Those are important, those make a difference in the neighborhoods that they're in. So, we need to make sure that they continue to grow that type of program. That neighborhood around that officer gets to know who they are, they interact with him every day. We don't just come to your house when bad things happen."

Mitchell and the protestors both seemed satisfied with the outcome, with a cautious relief for the majority that have had enough violence and are willing to communicate as much as possible to broker peace.

Information provided by News 25

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