Friday, June 10, 2016

Hold Off On Buying That Lottery Ticket

More bad news regarding the non-existent state budget as Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger has announced that without a new budget agreement, the state will stop paying lottery winners (again) after July 1.

But that's not all: According to Munger, "Businesses and organizations...face the very real possibility of having to go to court in order to get paid in the absence of a stop gap budget and this is inevitably going to cost taxpayers of Illinois even more in legal fees."

Oh! And probably more important, money for 911 call centers and college grants will also dry up.

So to reiterate: the state no longer has money for 911 call centers, schools, grants, lottery winners and state citizens will have to pay taxes for legal fees. Why? Because a bunch of grown men with giant egos can't play well with others and selfishly refuse to compromise on a state budget.

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