Monday, May 23, 2016

Soil value to change property taxes for farmers

Farmers, especially in Southern Illinois, should expect to see a bump in their property taxes according to the Associated Press and The Southern Illinoisan. Tax increases will be decided by the farmland's productivity index and, in Illinois, the value of the land takes soil quality into account. For example, Central Illinois' soil is of higher quality while Southern Illinois' is valued lower. Changes made mean values on lower quality soil will increase at a faster rate while land with better soil will increase at a slower rate. 

Williamson County Farmer Jim Anderson said farms in Southern Illinois will take more of a hit and thinks northern farms should pay more in property tax to make up for soil discrepancies. 

"Their soil is a higher quality, so they can sell it at higher prices," Anderson said. "With the exception of land costs, we have the same expenses in equipment...and time."

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