Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Clean energy reinforcements show up in Springfield to support bill

Clean energy supporters went to Springfield Tuesday to urge politicians to pass the 'clean energy' plan. Advocates of Exelons LaSalle Generating Station say the legislation will save state nuclear plants from closing, create thousands of jobs and provide $1 billion in low-income programs.

"We need to get a next generation of energy for Illinois. We need a new plan to move us forward in our state," State Senator Donne Trotter, said.

The Illinois Public Interest Research Group that opposes the bill released a statement Tuesday.

According to the statement, "The ComEd Exelon bill prioritizes private profits over public good. Demand charges, the nuclear bailout, the grossly overpriced micro-grid proprosal and many other policies all aim to deliver more, and more consistent revenue for ComEd and Exelon."

Information from WEEK HOI-19.

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