Monday, September 11, 2017

One Candidate for McLean County Board Is Out and Another One Is In

After being informed by McLean County Board Chairman John McIntyre (R - District 5) that only Republican Party members will be considered for the vacancy for County Board District 7, Bennett Morris has chosen to withdraw his name from consideration for the appointment.  Morris, an advocate for citizen involvement in local government and Chair of the McLean County Libertarian Party, had applied for the appointment to fill the vacancy created after long time board member Rich Buchanan retired.

Meanwhile, Steve Suess, a Bloomington resident and member of the Libertarian Party has announced his intention to run for McLean County Board in District 8 in the 2018 generall election. Suess will be running on several platform initiatives, but his primary goal is to increase public participation and access to information in county government. In conjunction with his political campaign, Suess is starting the #GiveMcLeanAVoice social media campaign, intended to help spread the message of greater public access and participation in McLean County Government

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